How are Sole Dynamix insoles better than what else is out there?

We use state of the art 3D scanning coupled with the most powerful 3D printer on the market to make extremely accurate insoles. 


  Are your insoles truly custom?

Yes! We used either your foam impressions or scans to render a 3D image of your feet. We then digitally build a foot orthotic on top of that 3D image of YOUR feet. This is not a one size fits all insole.


  My old orthotics were made from plaster casts of my feet by my doctor. Is scanning as accurate as hand casting?

Yes! Digital scans are actually more accurate than traditional hand casting. This process minimizes the possibility of imperfections due to human error. 


  How long does it take for my insoles to come in once the scans/impression kit has been received by the lab? 

We will ship your insoles within 14 days from the day we received your scans/foam impressions. 


  I think I messed up my foam foot impression kit, what should I do?

No problem! Contact our team and let us know. We would be happy to troubleshoot over the phone or send you another impression kit to ensure we have accurate impressions to create your perfect insoles.


  What do I do if I do not have the technology or ability to scan my own feet and would like to change to foam impressions?

Contact our team! If you selected the scanning option in your quiz, we will just need to update your order information in our system. We will then mail out your impression kit so you can get started. It should arrive at your door in 2-5 days.


  What do I do if I have issues ordering the insoles?

Contact us via email at:

Contact us via phone at: 855-452-7650


  What do I do when I encounter a problem with the comfort of the insoles?

First, review our break in schedule and ensure you have given your body enough time to adjust to the insoles. Don't hesitate to contact our team to discuss the issue. Our goal is to make this process easy and we want you to walk away satisfied with the results. If we cannot resolve the issue, we can offer to remake the insoles or refund your purchase.


  How long does it take for my feet to get relief?

It can take up to 2-3 weeks to feel the full effect from our insoles. 


  What is your warranty/ guarantee?

We have a 90-day guarantee on all of our custom insoles. If you are not satisfied, we can remake them for you or refund your purchase.


  I’ve had a pair of Sole Dynamix insoles before and want to order an additional pair. Do I need to take new scans/impressions or can I use existing scans?

We retain all scans and molds for 5 years. If you would like to reorder your insoles, contact our team. We will be happy to assist you.


  How long will my orthotics last?

There are many variables that effect the life of our orthotics, from weight, activity level and types of activities. The base of the insoles should last several years, however, the top cover padding will wear with usage and may need replaced within a year. 


  I have noticed the grey shell of my orthotic is turning black, should I be worried?

The shells are printed black but in a white powder which gives them their grey look. General wear and use can rub the finish off of the shell to reveal the black underneath but this is not a cause for concern and does not mean your insole is broken. If you see further damage to the plastic beyond discoloration, this is a sign that the shell is defective. You should discontinue use of the product and contact tech support to discuss the issue. 855-452-7650 


  My top covers are wearing out, do I need to order an entirely new orthotic?

No, you can fill out a top cover replacement form online and ship your insoles to us for refurbishment. We will need to make a shipping label to us and email it to them. Refurbishment takes up to two weeks.  


  Where are the orthotics made?

All of our orthotics are made in house at our South Bend, Indiana location. 


  Why should I choose Sole Dynamix?

  • We are 100% made in the USA 
  • We have 20+ years experience in manufacturing custom orthotics.
  • No doctor Visits and Co-pays. 
  • Save hundreds of dollars vs traditional route to getting custom orthotics.
  • No long wait for receiving your orthotics. 
  • 90 day guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. 
  • Receive clinical grade orthotics from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn more at our About page.


  I’m having issues with the app and just can’t seem to get a good scan.

Ensure you have viewed our instructional video for scanning.

If you continue to have issues with the app getting a scan, contact us at: 855-452-7650 and we can send you an impression box to use instead.


  I wear several different styles of shoes, what shoe style should I select?

Generally speaking, you should select the style of shoe you spend most of your day in. If you spend the majority of your day in casual shoes, then you should select casual.


  I have a foot condition in your list of conditions but want the sport/comfort:

You can select the sport/comfort even when you have a known foot condition. Just select that you have that condition during the quiz so we can build out the insole correctly to accommodate your issue.


  I have a custom pair of foot orthotics from my doctor. Will these be as good?

We have top of the line padding and cushioning as well as use the most advanced and accurate forms of fabrication today. That having been said, if you are being treated for a condition by your doctor who provided the insoles to you, speak to them to see if our services are appropriate.


  I have diabetes with no other foot issues, can I use your product?

Yes, as long as you have no chronic foot conditions and good sensation in your feet, our insoles should be okay to use. As always, consult with your medical professional to determine if Sole Dynamix is appropriate for you. Always ask your doctor first.


  I am diabetic with foot conditions, can I use your product?

It is not recommended that diabetic patients with chronic foot conditions use Sole Dynamix. Especially if you have neuropathy/poor sensation in the feet or history of skin break down/ulceration.


  I have neuropathy (numbness in my feet) in my feet, can I use your product?

Consult with your doctor first. If you have a history of skin breakdown/ulceration then our Sole Dynamix product is not recommended.


  Do you make diabetic insoles?

Sorry, we do not.


  Will your insoles help cure my foot condition?

We cannot guarantee our products will cure any condition but that we do take any condition you have into consideration in the fabrication of the devices which can help reduce symptoms such as pain. We make no guarantee about curing or treating any condition.

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